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Simple concepts and agricultural solutions for your back yard garden to the far reaches of the world.

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Local Solutions

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There are plenty of things one can do in their own home for their family and neighbors without having to step on a plane and fly to the far end of the world.

Local Solutions

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Today malnutrition and starvation are still a major cause of death in under developed countries across our planet.

Local Solutions

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It is time to change the way we view some things and do most things

From the backyard gardener to the multi-billion dollar company changing the ways they were taught to do business, each and everyone one has the opportunity to do things a little better than the way it was done in the past. Most of our great grandparents knew how to grow a garden, how to sew, how to conserve water and electricity, while most people today don’t even know where their water or produce comes from.

The Mission of Born Activist is Simple:

Our intention is to empower people through the education of food production, nutrition, and cultural integration. The demographic that we would like to impact first would be the communities residing in regions on our Earth that are suffering from famine, disease, and malnutrition. We are hoping that through the employment of different aspects of permaculture, crop diversification, conservation, and various forms of biodigestion, we could revolutionize the way that these societies fortify themselves against both economic and ecological adversity.

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I am a big fan of organic gardening, I also like sharing with those around me on how we can grow our own.

Richard Teasta
Richard Teasta Naturals

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