Aquaculture + Horticulture

Aquaponics is where the food cycle for fish ends and the food cycle for plants begin. It is a sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment.

Bill to Allow Aquaponics with Tilapia in New Mexico

Bill to Allow Aquaponics with Tilapia in New Mexico With the growing awareness and support behind aquaponics gardening, more ...

Urban Fish Farming

Urban Fish Farming is another web-site  that we created as a resource ...

Home Made Aquaponics

Home Made Aquaponics So this is what people have sent in for their ...

Escondido Tilapia Farm

Escondido Tilapia Farm Recently I made a trip out to Escondido, which is ...

Aquaponics Technology

Aquaponics Technology The practice of Aquaponic farming is not a new technology, ...

Raising Tilapia

Raising Tilapia Tilapia (pronounced /təˌlɑpiə/) is the common name for nearly a ...

Applied Aquaponics

Applied Aquaponics Applied Aquaponics is indeed our inspiration. They are doing exactly ...


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I am a big fan of organic gardening, I also like sharing with those around me on how we can grow our own.

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