Did You Say Fifty Dollar Green House?


Did You Say Fifty Dollar Green House?

Did You Say Fifty Dollar Green House?

David LaFerney at The Door Garden found away to make a green house in his back yard by spending only $50 bucks. “Grated” he claims, “I already had some of the materials, but even if I had bought everything new just for this project It would still only come to about $120 – less than a dollar per square ft.” If you have the room in your yard then I would take a recommend taking a look at his simple design.

With gas prices and energy costs rising, produce and dairy costs will continue to increase as well. One of the things I remember my grandma saying about the depression was that she learned to plant her own garden. Having your own garden is rewarding and one day could be a necessity.

fifty dollar green house


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  1. John Rowin says:

    Where can I get step by step (preferably pictures) on building the $50 dollar greenhouse?

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