Dust Factory Vintage Making a Difference Through Textile Recycling


Dust Factory Vintage Making a Difference Through Textile Recycling

Dust Factory Vintage Making a Difference Through Textile Recycling

Dust Factory Vintage in San Diego, California has been making a difference when it comes to recycling textiles for redistribution into the retail market.  “The fashion industry continually repeats itself with a 15 year gap between what is Hip and what is not.” said on of Dust Factory Vintage founders John Charles, “Those in the vintage clothing industry have known this for years.”

Recycled Clothing Textiles

In order to take a simple concept like fashion repeating itself and combining it with a textile recycling effort the concept for Dust factory Vintage was born. Each month Dust Factory processes over 15k pound of clothing that was on its way to a landfill or overseas. What is in good condition and desirable for the vintage clothing market is processed for vintage retail buyers, what is damaged is used for Vintage Reconstruction Brands like Particle Clothing, and what is contemporary or undesirable for these markets is donated to local charities. “Keeping the old clothing in circulation and out of the land fills is first mission, as time progressed building a brand on recycled clothing only came naturally.” said International sales rep and buyer Sandy Johnson.

Companies like Dust Factory Vintage are changing the way we all view textiles, fashion and recycling. With an ongoing effort to reduce resources and offer a sustainable brand Dust factory Vintage has carved out their own knitch by creating an entirely new industry.

For More information about Vintage Clothing Wholesale and textile recycling check out Dust Factory Vintages News Blog – Fashion & Recycling.

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  1. Zachery says:

    So, recycling is beneficial environmentally as
    well as economically. If the waste management is done in right way,
    the level of pollution can be controlled remarkably.
    Depending on the item, an individual can typically get anywhere from ten to sixty percent of the original purchase price of the item.

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