GiraDora – Safe Agua


GiraDora – Safe Agua

GiraDora – Safe Agua

GiraDora is a patent-pending human-powered washer and spin dryer to increase the efficiency and improve the experience of hand-washing clothes. The user sits on top of the drum-like appliance and pumps a pedal with her foot, which agitates, cleans, rinses, then spins-dries clothes. While providing a more comfortable, ergonomic, and efficient way to clean clothes, GiraDora also affords opportunities to generate income. For under $40, GiraDora more than doubles productivity, increases health of women and children, and affords the opportunity to begin breaking the poverty cycle.

Benefits of GiraDora

Time and Water Efficient: GiraDora is more efficient and saves the user time because it washes clothes by the load versus individual articles. By using a washboard and scrubbing each article individually, washing could take upwards of five hours. With GiraDora, the women are able to complete a load in a fraction of the time by agitating them simultaneously in a system more akin to a conventional washing machine.

Affordable: GiraDora’s target cost is less than 1/5th of the cheapest spin-dryer on the market, and less than 1/20th the cost of a top-load washer. It combines the functionality of both washing & spinning, without electricity.

Improves Ergonomics to Reduce Back Pain: The seated operation of GiraDora is much more comfortable and ergonomic than women’s current practice of squatting over basins on the ground thereby helping to alleviate chronic lower back pain.

Reduces Incidence of Wrist Injury: GiraDora also allays the physical stresses on the hands and wrists coupled with hand washing clothes than can lead to chronic conditions like tenosynovitis.

Improves Respiratory Health in Winter: Damp clothes–which take up to 3 weeks to drip-dry in winter–cause mold, which was a contributor to many respiratory problems in children, including asthma. GiraDora acts like a centrifuge, removing the majority of moisture from clothing, drastically reducing drying times on a clothesline, hampering mold growth.

Improves Comfort: The self-contained unit eliminates the need to constantly submerge ones hands in cold water, which causes skin conditions and much discomfort in winter. The self-contained unit also allows women to wash clothes indoors in their home in cold or rainy weather.

Information and images courtesy of GiraDora

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