Natural Swimming Pools


Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools

This cool looking swimming pool isn’t your typical chlorine-filled dipping tub. It actually is a pool that relies on plants to filter the water. The cool thing is that you do not swim or walk amongst the plants, they are in a separate area. Any one can update their current pool to a natural pool with a few design changes.

Natural Ponds are usually a bit larger than a normal pool to accommodate the plants, rocks and natural vegetation that make up the filter zone. This is separate from the designated swimming area. Once water filters through he plant zone, it is then pumped through a UV filter to ensure maximum cleanliness and aeration.

Whereas a conventional pool is little more than a concrete tub, a natural pond is a landscape centerpiece that will enhance the value of your home and quality of your life. What could be more beautiful than that?

source and image courtesy of inhabitat

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